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We have used many temps before and have never had any learn the line this quickly and be such a great fit with our company, we were very impressed. The girls were outgoing, and very hardworking all day ... both were perfect! 
Thank you so much! 

High Design Client

You delivered everything you said you would. She was great, very hard worker, professional and friendly, thank you for making our show that much easier. We would love to work with you again.

Magazine  Publisher

Thanks so much, our salesperson was PERFECT! I could rave and rave about her, I adored her and felt she was perfect to represent my booth and product.  I am absolutely going to use your service for the

January show ... I was super happy with her. 


 Dallas Client 

 I absolutely want her to come to New York (to work the NY gift show). She was fabulous! I could not have done it without her. She knows this market so well, much better than I do, and I loved being able to ask her opinion about the questions I hadn't encountered before.  I also want her to help with Atlanta again in January so would you book for that also.  Again Lillian, thank you! 


High Design Client

I know that she can certainly handle things without me. So I’ll plan on setting up with her on Wednesday, and then flying back Friday evening. I want to say again that it is such a pleasure working with you. You are bright, cheerful, fun, and a very good businessperson. If you ever have any prospective clients who want a reference on you, send them my way! You are always fair and professional, which I appreciate.

Premier Client Apparel Market

She was very good and we are very happy to have her working here. She was a fast learner and was great with customers, Southern accent helped!

  Gift Market Client



We value you and always feel confident with you and your staff running the booth. You always do such a great job!


Gourmet Client



Contact Lillian at! She is amazing and has a wonderful group of women who work for her. She is a Godsend!!!!!! She is fabulous!!


Boutique - National Sales Manager

Rhonda was great!! Thank you! Thank You! She reminded me of my regular salesperson who couldn't come and was the only person I thought I could work a week with. You really did live up to my expectations and what you promised. 


Coastal Living Client


You really do get what you pay for with The Smith Agency. She was great and could handle several customers at once and even knew the basics of the line when she came in. I would like to go ahead and hire her for July gift, I need her. Thanks! 


 Tabletop Client  




I know this is unusual for me to book ahead of time, but I would like to hire our same salesperson to work the whole show including set up; she was a great fit with my company and the salespeople liked her too!  


Jewelry Client High Design




Thank you for your help, we all enjoyed getting to know Amy, she is terrific, bright woman. I would like to book her again for the next always send me such great people. 


Permanent Showroom



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